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Toward wellbeing and happiness

through psychotherapy
Services Provided
Individual psychotherapy

I provide psychotherapy for a number of common problems that people struggle with. These include depression, loss and grieving, life-transition issues, problems in motivation, and beyond. I work with each client to determine what he or she needs from therapy.

I start from the perspective that people seek meaning in life. Meaning can come from many sources, including relationships, work, service, religious faith and practice. Sometimes, however, we lose our way, and need help getting back on track. While many things can get in the way of a meaningful life, including daily worries and setbacks as well as major losses and transitions, we'll work together to help you find your way.

Online, or in person?

I believe that face-to-face, in person meetings are usually the best way for client and therapist to do their work together. This isn't always possible, however, and in fact more and more therapists and clients are making use of technological developments that allow them to meet online. Research has shown that online therapy can be effective in the treatment of things like depression and anxiety when conducted by a properly trained therapist. Many clients enjoy the flexibility and empowerment that the online experience can provide. For these reasons, I am happy to talk with you about whether online therapy might be appropriate for you. (Please note that certain restrictions apply, and that online therapy might not be available in all geographical regions, in keeping with local legislation.)

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.